Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Pritam threatens to send Pammi & Baljeet into jail in the episode’s opening. Dadaji begs Pritam not to get mad. He admits that they were doubtful of each other and asks for forgiveness. He then sends them off. Pritam is the last to be seen and Dadaji apologizes. Guneet apologizes to his father for making a mistake, but they will talk about the rest in a more calm environment. Amrita looks at Pritam. Baldev discovers something is wrong with Pritam. Angad claims they entered his room without his permission. Nimmo claims it’s their bedroom, but Soni reminds him that it was rented. Dadaji laughs to make the situation more bearable. Kamli, by accident, didn’t notice the gas pipe leaking while cleaning. Pammi suggests they throw him out, and Kamli agrees.

Pritam is furious that they tried breaking the doctor. He decided to be cautious around Amrita and did something about her. Amrita said that they shouldn’t have opened the door. Nimmo asks Guneet if he can send him out. He replies that he is thinking the same. Amrita agrees. Pammi feels a gas smell, but Soni claims it’s mosquito repellent. Pammi requests Soni to prepare something for Baldev, who is hungry. Amrita promises that she will make it and then leaves for the kitchen. Pritam sees the gas leakage and shouts to them, but they are not heard. Pritam ran to Amrita and saved her before lighting the gas. He pulls Amrita towards himself and pushes the matchbox away from her. Everyone was shocked and began to scold him for misunderstanding him. They suddenly smell gas and are shocked to see the gas tube link being broken. Pritam asked them if they could smell the gas and rushed upstairs to get it. Pritam scolds them and everyone hug Amrita, sensing the danger. Pritam claims that he gave the money to rent and for nit to die. He asks them to be more careful. Angad claims that he saved his family member and that they behaved worse when he was with them. Dadaji said that he is a bad-mouthed person but has a good heart. Amrita watches.

Karan’s photograph is taken by Amrita. She cries about the danger that she was about to face. She recalls Pritam saving them. Guneet arrives at her and asks her if she is okay. She said yes. As he is going to shop, he asks her if she would like something. Guneet admits that he is aware that she is scared, but that Pritam saved them from great danger. He said that they can forgive him for all the mistakes he made by saving her. Kabir is looking through his family photos in his office. He shows it to his coworkers and mocks Meera. Meera comes up with a plan. She asks Kabir for a specific chair, but he grabs it before Meera can take it. Meera just laughs. Kabir is seated in the chair and suddenly the chair slips. He falls to the ground. Boss rushes to his aid and his nose hurts. He tells Peon to get rid of the chair, and asks him for his help. Meera taunts Kabir, and she says that she has just started. She promises to show him the worst in the coming days. Kabir stares angrily at her.

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