Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Pritam’s friend captures the gun-wielding goons. Pritam sends Dadaji home and goes with his friends. Meera is shaming Shetty at work for ruining her presentation. Meera claims that someone altered her presentation. Shetty ridicules her. Meera claims that Kabir is the one who made Meera’s presentation fall apart. Shetty claims that she has had a problem with Kabir since day one and that Kabir is an intelligent, efficient employee. Meera gets irked. When Amrita reminded Pritam’s warning, Beeji was waiting for Dadaji’s return. Soni asks her to call Dadaji. Beeji said that Pritam would purchase a ring light to Dadaji. Nimmo is confused by the sound.

Baljeet and Pammi suddenly become frustrated and complain about Pritam. They then show Pritam with his soap body and make fun of him. Soni, Beeji, and Amrita support Pritam claiming that he complained about not having enough water to bathe. Nimmo supports them, saying that he can’t do much when the water stops while he bathes. Beeji jokes that this video might get more views than Dadaji’s. Pammi complains about their insult. Baljeet claims that this is how Mansi’s son-in-law ran away. Amrita is embarrassed, while Nimmo shouts for them to leave. Nimmo consoles Amrita.

Meera leaves Shetty’s cabin disillusioned with Kabir’s trust. Meera vows to avenge Kabir. Meera discovers that everyone is missing and asks her friend. She claims that Kabir has given treat to all in the canteen, and invites them to join her. She goes to get her treat. Meera is frustrated that Kabir is celebrating Meera’s embarrassment. He furiously glances at her and she comes up with a plan. She changes very little and then goes back to her chair. Meera calls Shetty to apologize for her mistake in mistaking Kabir. Shetty is happy to realize her error.

Meera claims that Kabir is a gold mine with all the major contacts. Shetty isn’t convinced when Meera shows him her laptop with all the e-mail ids from big companies. She claims that Kabir can bring in many clients for them, and all they have to do is give him an ultimatum. Shetty agrees and gives him three days to bring three clients. She asks her to inform him. Meera giggles at her brilliant plan.

Kabir sends a picture of the fake appointment letter. Amrita spots them and calls them, but they make an excuse. Pritam arrives and hears them talking about a fake appointment letter. He is identified as Kabir’s personal g and begged to keep his secret. Amrita discovers it and scolds Pritam. But, their friends say they were only talking. After she left, they beg Pritam to keep their secrets. Beeji asks him about his ring light before he goes up. Pritam claims it was Amrita who asked him not to buy anything. When Beeji refuses to believe him, he calls Amrita. But Amrita lies that Amrita never said so. Beeji becomes angry at Pritam, while Pritam fumes over Amrita’s lies. He returns to his room to find the door lock smashed and becomes frustrated.

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